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cobbledrive300Willis Dimension Stone, Inc. of Elberton, Georgia has been a leading supplier of Savannah Gray Granite and Winnsborro Blue cobblestone and granite blocks for 18 years.  In 1990, Dale and Wanda Willis started the company by opening a local quarry to provide dimension stone blocks for the monument industry. The goal was to provide customers with a proven source for fine blue gray granite.  Adding a fabrication plant has extended the use of the quarried blocks to additional granite products. Filling customers orders for granite curbing, cobblestones, granite pavers, landscaping stones, granite slabs, granite steps, granite millstones and other building products has proven to be very beneficial to the landscaping and construction industry. Our Elberton granite meets ASTM specs and has stood the test of time in providing a superior American source for all architectural and monumental stone.

Currently handling over 50,000 tons of material per year, Willis Dimension Stone, Inc. takes pride in supplying superior American granite products for your needs. We own the quarry and we fabricate the stone. Save money by buying your granite stone material directly from our quarry in Elberton, Georgia. Call Dale or Wanda at 706-213-8031.

 Granite Curbing

015150Granite Curbing and Landscape Stone from Willis Dimension Stones, Inc. are among the best and longest lasting building materials and are ideal for any curbing and landscaping project. In addition to granite curbing’s strength, it has a natural beauty unmatched by concrete or other synthetic stone materials. Granite is the stone of choice for the most discriminating architects and commercial developers because of its natural beauty, resistance to heat, cold and bad weather. Granite curbing can take the every day pounding of large vehicles, salt, chemicals, scraping, heavy traffic and stay functional and beautiful. More Granite Curbing Information and Price List.


Granite Cobblestone & Pavers

Granite Cobblestone & PaversWillis Dimension Stone, Inc. is a supplier of Savannah Gray Granite and Winnsborro Blue Granite cobblestone, the choice of discriminating city planners and landscape developers all over the country. Granite cobblestone and pavers add value and class to any city project, home landscaping project or historic renovation project.   Granite cobblestones are low maintenance, will last for generations and are reusable, making them an environmentally responsible choice as well as a cost-effective choice. Available in the classic Winnsborro Blue Granite, you are assured everlasting elegance and beauty.
More Granite Cobblestone & Paver Information and Price List.


Granite Blocks

Savannah Gray Granite Blocks and Winnsborro Blue Granite BlocksWillis Dimension Stone, Inc. is a supplier of Savannah Gray Granite Blocks and Winnsborro Blue Granite Blocks.  Blocks sizes range from 2” to 18” thick and are available in Grades 1-4.  Special order blocks are available upon request. These granite blocks are suitable for granite monuments, monument bases, granite cemetery memorials, granite signs, foundations, and other uses.

More Granite Block Information and Price List.


"Building green" with dimension stone

"Building Green" With Dimension StoneAttention Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky Builders! One LEED requirement provides that the dimension stone used in a green building be quarried within a 500-mile radius of the building being constructed. Builders in the states above can meet this requirement using Willis Dimension Stone. Green building, or environmentally friendly construction with natural materials, is an idea that has been around for several decades. Energy price increases and the need for energy conservation when heating or cooling buildings have recently brought it to the fore. This resulted in the formation in 1993 of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which has developed a building rating system LEED. Educational institutions (colleges, universities, grade, and high schools) are often requiring new buildings to be green, and a few jurisdictions (i.e., some cities) have some rules pushing green building. When "building green", dimension stone has a big advantage over concrete, aluminum, and steel, whose productions are all highly energy intensive. As an entirely natural product, dimension stone also has an advantage over quartz surface artificial stone (resin-agglomerated stone) made from mixed quartz sand or ground stone and a resin (i.e., acrylic).

Reclaimed Granite 

green_is_beautiful_whiteDimension stone also has the advantage from a green perspective of being reclaimed and recyclable.   We have one of the largest amounts of reclaimed granite in the Southeastern United States, and virtually all of our stone is processed into some sort of building or landscaping material. Let us help you meet your goals with quarried or reclaimed dimension stone.

Dimension Stone Production in the United States

According to the USGS, 2006 U.S. dimension stone production was 1.33 million tons valued at $265 million, compared to 1.36 million tons (revised) valued at $269 million in 2005. Of these, granite production was 428,000 tons valued at $105 million in 2006 and 416,000 tons valued at $106 million in 2005, and limestone was 559,000 tons valued at $96.1 million in 2006 and 581,000 tons valued at $95.8 million (revised) in 2005. The United States is at best a midlevel dimension stone producer on the world scene; Portugal produces twice as much dimension stone annually.

Willis Dimension Stone, Inc., Elberton, Georgia, is a supplier of Savannah Gray and Winnsborro Blue Granite, granite blocks, granite curbing, granite cobblestones, granite landscaping stones, granite pavers, granite building stones, granite steps and granite slabs. Willis Dimension Stone, Inc. takes pride in supplying superior American products for your needs. We own the quarry and we fabricate the stone. Save money by buying your granite stone material directly from the supplier.

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